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The following is a timeline for the What We Become lore, explaining what happened each day leading up to and after the outbreak.

Before the Global Outbreak[]

Pre-Global Outbreak
Pre-Global Outbreak
  • Reports of an infectious disease begin to spread on the Balkan Peninsula.
  • Balkans face small, contained outbreaks.
  • Worldwide news outlet coverage begins.
  • WHO (World Health Organization) arrives in Eastern Europe to begin relief efforts.
  • WHO virologist, Dr. Stephen Grey names the disease as "Oculorubrus" or Red Eye.
  • Worldwide news outlets begin to report on the disease ravaging rural Eastern European communities.
  • 131 days before the global outbreak, Red Eye begins reanimating corpses. Its existence is unknown to the general public.

Events of What We Become[]

Day 0-10+[]

Outbreak Beginning
Day 0 / Day 2
  • For 132 days a mysterious disease baffles scientists who try to understand and contain it.
  • The Global Outbreak begins.
  • The media reports its first few incidents of the Red Eye in the US in both Austin, Texas, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • WHO (World Health Organization) releases an "International Disaster Emergency Response" memorandum, instructing health officials on how to dispose of the remains of the infected. The memo calls for the removal of a deceased individual if efforts to restore life are unsuccessful within one (1) minute.
  • The United Kingdom cut off both sea and air travel in the wake of Red Eye spreading throughout Eastern Europe and the United States.
  • The United Kingdom reportedly continues to be free of Red Eye.
Day 3
  • Reports of grisly murders begin to surface in the rural areas of Texas.
  • Footage from Eastern Europe begins to leak onto the dark web, depicting disturbing scenery of riots, murders and public lynching of those believed to be infected by Red Eye.
  • Missing person reports begin to spread throughout both Texas and Pennsylvania.
  • The United States National Guard is deployed and military quarantines begin to pop up around the United States.
  • The government begins distributing face masks to prevent further spread of Red Eye.
Onset of the Global Outbreak (Day 4)
  • Numerous accounts of infected begin to pull in from around the United States, ranging in the hundreds.
  • Reports of murders begin to sky-rocket throughout the United States.
  • US Patient zero reportedly passes away, conflicting reports come in that she attacked and critically injured her husband prior to death.
  • The United Kingdom is ravaged by Red Eye in a sudden spur of infections.
Day 5
  • The world begins to collapse with reports of Red Eye sweeping across every major country.
  • Large-scale riots begin to break out in major cities.
  • Leaked graphic footage begins to circulate of a bizarre situation where a man is declared deceased, only for the man to come back to life moments later, attacking and biting the EMT on the arm as police try to restrain him, leading to more injuries. Officers open fire on the man, connecting with seven shots to the chest only for him to keep coming before the footage abruptly ends.
  • Worldwide news outlets cover the incident, claiming that the man was high on bath salts and that the incident was entirely unrelated to the Red Eye Outbreak.
Day 6+
  • More reports of recently deceased patients rising from the dead begin to spread worldwide.
  • Chaos breaks out in the United States, fatalities rise to the dozens.
  • Law and order begin to break down and infrastructure collapses.
  • The United States National Guard begins “Operation Sapphire”, starting to eliminate all patients who show symptoms of Red Eye.
  • Nathan Sanderson and his group of survivors seek shelter in the Valley Station Mall.
  • Evacuations begin in Austin, Texas, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Dr. Stephen Grey appears on numerous news broadcasts, urging caution against confronting anyone infected with Red Eye while discussing his personal experiences with it.
  • Clarence and Nancy Emerson attempt to drive to Chicago to find their daughter.
  • Marcia Brackenridge is shot bitten by a patient and killed by her husband Thomas Brackenridge after reanimating. Thomas flees with his child, Nat Brackenridge.
  • The Australian Military is dispatched to St. Louis to assist with peacekeeping. Amy Carter is deployed in this unit.
  • Raymond McCormick, News Anchor for WPRI in Providence, Rhode Island, is stranded in the newsroom in downtown Providence.
Day 8+
  • As infected numbers increase, Nathan Sanderson and his group attempt to secure the Valley Station Mall.
  • Many police officers and members of the military begin to abandon their posts to be with family.
  • An emergency broadcast instructs survivors to stay indoors and await instructions.
  • Nancy Emerson is killed at a service station in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
  • Charlotte Emerson flees Chicago after her girlfriend, Stephanie Lloyd is killed.
  • Raymond, escapes WPRI studio via a news helicopter, along with Sarah Hanning.
Day 10+
  • Nathan Sanderson and his group begin to call for refugees to head to the Valley Station Mall for shelter, claiming that they have abundant resources and are willing to share while they wait for military assistance.
  • Clarence Emerson's car breaks down outside of Valley Station, Kentucky. He later meets Isaac Castillo, Devlin Reign, Samantha Thompson, and Ivy Lance, who then begin to make their way to the Crossroad's Mall.
  • ( ! ) Multiple groups of survivors arrive at the mall. (Lore Start, Season 1)

Season 1[]

Season 1 Episode Recap
Episode 1: Days Gone
  • The lore began on March 15, 2015, in Valley Station, Kentucky.
Episode 2: Guts
  • Placeholder
Episode 3: Red River
  • Placeholder
Episode 4: Dead Weight
  • Placeholder
Episode 5: No Way Out
  • The mall group receives a transmission from Dr. Sonia Keyes, a woman claiming she is a researcher with the CDC. She claims to have a cure for the red eye infection.
  • Clarence is forced to kill Hanna after she drinks the water and reanimates.
Episode 6: Washed Away
  • Don, Miles, Clarence, John, Moose, and Chris mount a rescue mission to evacuate Sonia from the water treatment plant.
  • Ivy tags along.
  • Chris is bitten and is shot by Miles.
  • Clarence is bitten, but opts to live out his final few hours trying to protect Ivy.
  • Sonia ends up revealed that she was lying about the cure. She is executed by John.
  • During the escape from the plant, Clarence carries Ivy on his back out of the plant. They drown in the water and are impaled on a piece of rebar, killing them both.

Season 2[]

Season 2 Episode Recap
Episode 1: Settling In
  • Placeholder
Episode 2: Outsiders
  • Placeholder
Episode 3: The Deluge
  • Placeholder
Episode 4: Suspended
  • Placeholder
Episode 5: Toss of a Coin
  • Placeholder
Episode 6: Elegy
  • Porcelain has her throat slit by the serial killer.
Episode 7: Killer Within
  • Sam and Maggie get married in a ceremony in the mall's atrium.
  • Brad is found hung in a mall restroom, he turned and is killed my Miles.
Episode 8: Long Road Ahead
  • David is revealed to be the serial killer.
  • David kidnaps Maggie from the mall, demanding Sam kill Heaven for her return.
    • Heaven is murdered by Sam.
  • Maggie is murdered by David.
    • David Quinn in subsequently has his head beaten in by Don.

Season 2.5[]

Season 2 Episode Recap
Episode 1: A New Day
  • Placeholder
Episode 2: Leviticus 17:11
  • Placeholder
Episode 3: Prey
  • Placeholder
Episode 4: Better Angels
  • Placeholder
Episode 5: Infected
  • Placeholder
Episode 6: The Moth
  • Placeholder
Episode 7: What We Became
  • Miles, Anderson, Rebecca, Heidi, Scott, Jonathan, Thomas and Amy escape Valley Station via a boat.
    • Don Jones is injured by Ezekiel.

Following the Events of What We Become[]

Events of What Remains[]

Season 1[]

Season 1 Episode Recap
Episode 1: Years Gone By
  • The lore began on December 15, 2028, in Monroe County, New York.
    • Monroe’s Minister was Julian Carmichael-Ortiz.
    • Monroe’s Head of Medicine was Heath Maxwell.
    • Monroe’s Head of Security was Charles Gideon.
    • Monroe’s Head of Construction was Arlo Grey.
    • Monroe’s Head of Agriculture was Anthony Wilson.
    • Monroe’s last Head Scout, Maria Gomez, had died less than a month earlier. Avery Dekker later filled the position.
  • A group of Rangers from the Coalition of Pittsford and Fairpoint were sent to monitor Monroe.
    • Ranger Julianne Lynch.
    • Ranger Clayton Duval.
    • Ranger Raymond Clarke.
    • Senior Ranger Noelle Lange.
    • Senior Ranger Natania Sherman.
    • OSI Agent Alpha.
    • Junior Ranger Erick Gonzales.
  • Two Brighton members (Auren Jacobs and Juniper) infiltrated Monroe and bombed it.
    • Julian Carmichael-Ortiz died of his injuries.
    • Charlotte Emerson was bitten and subsequently committed suicide.
    • Conrad Miller was bitten but survived via limb amputation.
Episode 2: Absolution
  • An investigation into the bombing began.
    • Auren Jacobs was suspected and imprisoned.
    • SR Lange was framed and imprisoned.
  • Conflict emerged between the CPF and Monroe after SR Lange was taken into custody.
    • SR Sherman ‘snapped’ and murdered Arlo Grey shortly after he was elected the new Minister.
    • Charles Gideon killed SR Sherman in retaliation.
    • Charles Gideon later lost it and was mercy-killed.
  • Job was elected the new Minister.
    • Jeremy Sykes was elected the new Head of Construction.
    • Marian Castle was elected the new Head of Security.
  • Juniper was later taken into custody.
    • A connection between the bombings and Brighton wasn’t made until a meeting between the Heads.
    • Juniper and Auren Jacobs were kept in custody for nearly 2 months in-character.
    • The Heads promised a trial. That was a lie.
Episode 3: Adaptation
  • With tensions growing between Monroe and the CPF, Conrad Miller suggested a plan to a few of the Heads.
    • Avery Dekker, Marian Castle, and Job all agreed.
    • They were going to murder Auren Jacobs and assassinate CPF Councilman George Dow.
  • Conrad Miller was executed by Chief Ranger Larue Monroe for his crimes.
    • Marian Castle murdered Ranger Julianne Lynch after she revealed the Head’s true actions to Larue Monroe.
    • Bounties were put on Avery Dekker and Marian Castle’s Heads. They subsequently fled Monroe along with Avery Dekker's adopted son, Jack Summers.
Episode 4: A Brave New World
  • The CPF sent in Senior Ranger Henry Kingsbury (Paw) and Ranger Max Rutherford to maintain the peace between the two factions.
    • Ranger Raymond Clarke had died at some point.
    • Ranger Clayton Duval went missing.
    • Senior Ranger Noelle Lange returned to Pittsford.
    • OSI Agent Alpha returned to Pittsford.
  • Job grew increasingly absent after the assassination.
    • Heath Maxwell, Anthony Wilson, and Jeremy Sykes disappeared.
    • Constantine Hasapis was elected the new Minister.
    • Zed was elected the new Head Scout.
    • Liliana Marat was elected the new Head of Agriculture.
    • Alyssa Burke was elected the new Head of Medicine.
    • Sepp Junkers was elected the new Head of Security.
    • Lincoln O’Connor was elected the new Head of Construction.
    • Crystal Chen was elected the first Head of Commerce.
  • Anastasia Hope was accused of attempting to assassinate Sepp Junkers.
    • She was imprisoned and subsequently committed suicide.
  • The CPF sent in RIG Agent and Ranger Michelle Reed to look into the assassination.
  • Ranger Max Rutherford deputized Rachel Bevis and Corey Jackson.
  • Marian Castle was turned in by Don Jones.
Episode 5: Eight Hours
  • The Miller Family took out numerous Monroe scouting caravans.
    • Some returned with many losses.
    • Some did not return at all.
    • All occurred near Massachusetts and Vermont.
  • Monroe and the CPF teamed up to ambush a Miller outpost in Vermont.
    • Things did not go as planned and the Millers got the jump on them.
    • Constantine Hasapis was seriously injured after being accidentally shot by Sepp Junkers and Corey Jackson.
    • Max Rutherford was injured after being accidentally shot by Texas Battle.
  • Avery Dekker’s adopted son, Elijah Hunt, was found held captive inside the Miller outpost.
    • Elijah Hunt and Kaarinai were rescued and later brought to Monroe.
  • A CPF horse trader stopped by Monroe.
    • After departing, Monroe received a distress call from him.
    • They decided to venture into the cave in a nearby graveyard where he was last seen.
    • There, they fought a Behemoth and multiple Trullan.
    • The trader did not survive.
  • Max Stone arrived in Monroe and formed the Monroe Rangers.
    • They were an extension of the security team.
Episode 6: The Key
  • After Lincoln O’Connor’s disappearance, Henry Patton was elected the new Head of Construction.
  • The CPF sent out Ranger Nat Brackenridge to aid the existing Rangers in their efforts.
  • Monroe and the CPF teamed up to fight the Millers after being tipped off on their location nearby.
    • Terry Winters was bitten but was saved via limb amputation.
    • Max Stone lost his left ear.
    • Max Rutherford fought Jeremiah Miller in hand-to-hand combat and was nearly beaten to death.
    • Anderson Parker was nearly murdered by Trinidad.
    • Leo Grant was blown up by an IED at close range.
    • Texas Battle was blown up by an IED at close range and lost an arm.
    • Henry Patton was blown up by an IED while driving.
    • There were no casualties.
  • Monroe took Trinidad and one other Miller as prisoners.
  • Monroe later returned to the cave to fight the Trullan.
    • Whisper was blown up by dynamite at close range and crushed by a boulder. She later died of her injuries.
    • Nat Brackenridge was blown up by dynamite at close range. They were flung into a wall and broke their leg.
    • Kaarinai was blown up by dynamite at close range. She was thrown into a wall and sustained serious brain damage.
  • Don Jones was accused of working with Brighton but was later cleared of his charges.
  • Constantine Hasapis, Sepp Junkers, Zed, and Rook all disappeared.
    • Crystal Chen stepped up as the new Minister.
    • Liliana Marat fled Monroe and took refuge at CPF Outpost 2-15.
    • Crystal Chen was later revealed to be Brighton.
  • A bomb was set off in the Monroe prison.
    • One Miller was killed.
    • Trinidad was left severely disfigured.
    • Katherine Fitzgerald was charged and executed for the bombing.
  • The CPF Rangers, Kaarinai, and Gerald Bechet rescued Seth Denton’s group from the Trenholm Clans at a nearby farm.
    • Ranger Michelle Reed was seriously injured by a member of the Trenholm Clans.
    • Seth Denton's Group was allowed to reside in Outpost 2-15 as refugees.
Episode 7: The Third Door
  • Crystal Chen formed an alliance between Monroe and the Miller Family.
    • The Millers opened an embassy in Monroe.
    • Many people left Monroe in retaliation.
    • Recorder, Lux Bleue, Nikolai Loginoff, and others all took refuge at Outpost 2-15.
  • Nikolai quit the Monroe security team and formed Blackbear Contracting.
  • Reinforcement Junior Rangers were sent to Outpost 2-15.
    • Junior Ranger Benedict Harris.
    • Junior Ranger Demi McIntosh.
    • Junior Ranger Greg Foster.
    • Junior Ranger Hana Takeuchi.
    • Junior Ranger Marco Alferez.
    • Junior Ranger Tyrell Mason.
    • Junior Ranger Wendy Kang.
    • Junior Ranger Winton.
  • The CPF Rangers worked together with the Monroe Rangers and Blackbear Contracting to raid the Miller Family’s Compound in Vermont.
    • Carl Miller was encountered in-person for the first time.
    • Many Millers including Rufus Miller were killed.
    • Benedict Harris, Oleg, and a few Monroe Rangers were all killed.
    • Ranger Max Rutherford was shot through the left hand by a Miller and accidentally stabbed in the shoulder by Terry Winters.
  • The CPF and Monroe Rangers rescued Gabriel Barton’s group from the Millers.
    • They were allowed to reside in Outpost 2-15 as refugees.
  • Blackridge’s leader and ambassador for the CPF, Kelly Adkins (The Lady of the Barrens), arrived at Outpost 2-15 to inspect the area.
  • OSI ordered that Max Stone be taken into custody and turned in for questioning.
    • OSI Agents Francis Hood and Jason Selby came to the Outpost 2-15 to oversee the interrogation.
    • Agent Hood ordered that either Ranger Rutherford or JR Gonzales execute Max Stone.
    • Kelly Adkins ultimately slit Max Stone’s neck, killing him.
    • Ranger Max Rutherford and JR Gonzales were both subsequently promoted to Senior Ranger and Ranger respectively.
  • Noelle Lange returned to the Barrens with Francis Nile, having been promoted to Ranger General.
  • Outpost 2-15 became known as Fort Harris, in memory of late Junior Ranger Benedict Harris.
Episode 8: Rebirth
  • Monroe hired a few mercenaries for contract work.
    • They fought a Behemoth.
    • They also encountered a few members of the Trenholm Clans.
  • The CPF Rangers were ordered by the OSI to return to the Miller Family compound and retrieve the body of Rufus Miller for analysis.
    • They encountered The Baby and Morgh (John MacMillan).
    • SR Rutherford was critically injured by The Baby.
    • Ranger Brackenridge and Deputy Bevis were both seriously injured by Morgh.
    • Others sustained minor injuries.
  • Upon returning to Pittsford, they received word of a major bombing.
    • Four bombs had been set off in various areas of the city.
    • Important leaders in the Ranger force had disappeared (Chief Ranger Larue Monroe, Quartermaster Dwight Kilean, etc.)
    • Hundreds were killed.

Season 2[]